Chill Out

We had a 12′ aluminum boat that sat much ignored for many months.  We had too many projects, toys, places to go, things to see, etc. to get to them all as often as we would have liked.  The boat had been sitting outside.  It was well weathered in the sun, rain, heat and cold.  We decided to take the boat out for the day.  This was in the spring of 2007- possibly Memorial weekend because I remember the water was still very cold and there were LOTS of people there.  We got in line at the boat ramp with all the people around. 

Side note: For those of you who have been boating, you realize there are all kinds of mis-adventures that can occur at the loading dock.  It can be quite an entertaining place to sit and watch.  It’s not fair to always be entertained and to never entertain.  Being the good steward of entertainment that I am, and being kind and generous, I try to return the favor on occasion.

Jeff backed the boat down into the water with the kids in the boat.  There really wasn’t a dock and it was easier to have the kids in the boat rather than try to load them after the boat was in the water.  While holding the rope, I let the cable loose from the wench, and gave the boat a good hard push to get it off the trailer.  Now the things that follow happened in very quick succession.  Jeff pulled out to go park the trailer.  Estelle got frightened.  “Mom!  We’re going out!”  “Don’t worry!”  I said.  “I’ve got the other end of the rope in my hand.”  And with that, gave it a yank to pull the boat back to me.  Did I mention the boat had been sitting out and was weathered?  Ropes don’t weather well.  So, in short order I realized I was holding one end of the rope, but the other end was no longer connected to the boat.  It had snapped and there was about a foot of rope still hanging from the bow of the boat.  “I’ll be right there,” I said, trying to reassure Estelle whose eyes were as big as saucers as she, Jack and the boat floated out to sea.  Fully dressed, I ran into the water.  When it got past my waist I realized I’d better make a lunge for it or my poor swimming abilities and the frigid temperatures would not serve me well in rescuing my children.  So make a lunge for it I did.  They were well up to my shoulders while on tip-toes and still heading out when I caught them and managed to side stroke well enough to get us back to where I could stand easily.  About that time Jeff came back from parking the trailer with the most bewildered look on his face.  “What are you doing in the water??!”  I just needed to chill out a little….

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  1. Teresa Thompson

     /  November 3, 2011

    Thanks for the belly laugh. Your entertaining abilities live on!


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