Please Put a Micro-Chip in my Luggage

Friday morning, rushing around to get ready to leave Choluteca for Valley of the Angels….as I pulled two pieces of luggage toward the luggage gathering place a very kind Honduran employee who had been most helpful all week asked me if he could take my luggage.  I told him that he could take it to the pool area.  He was surprised and asked if I really wanted it by the pool or in the lobby.  I figured the luggage would have to go through the lobby to get to the bus, so, sure, fine, take it to the lobby.  I’m pretty sure that’s how our conversation went; however, this all transpired in a mixture of sign language and broken Spanish so I can’t be certain. 

 After breakfast the men loaded the luggage while the women folk made sure everything was all out of the rooms.  We boarded the buses.  Two tourist buses packed full.  The drivers seemed to believe they were in a race.  Three barf bags and 3 1/2 hours later we completed our 4 hour trip through mountainous roads.  I staggered off the bus and sprawled flat on my back on the ground.  The buses pulled away.  After several minutes I recovered enough to look for my luggage.  Two were up by where the buses unloaded.  Where, oh where, were the other two??  I didn’t know.  Did they end up in a pick-up that went someplace else?  I honestly really didn’t care at that point.  I was happy to be vertical and standing on the ground.  But I began to wonder what I had actually said to the employee back at the hotel.  Several people had noticed my green coloration and came by asking if they could help me get my luggage to my room.  “Oh, that would be nice.  If only I knew where it was….”  I headed off toward our room with the two pieces of luggage I had.  At the bottom of the hill near the “apartments” at the mission sat my other two pieces of luggage.  Some kind person had already taken it part way for me.

 Sunday morning.  Luggage had remained safely in my room all weekend.  Now it was time to head off to the airport.  Instructions were to take the luggage to where we would board the buses at 7a.m., eat breakfast, then load the buses.  I got half way to the “drop” spot when a kind person came along offering to help  me with my luggage.  “Sure.  Thanks.  I’ll go back and get the other two while you take these.”  When I arrived with the other two, there was a long line of luggage around our eating area.  I put my last two in the line.

 While eating breakfast, it started raining.  We all scrambled to move luggage- not necessarily our own- to a place out of the rain.  After breakfast and worship we made a line taking luggage to the buses- not necessarily our own luggage.  The first bus driver pulled out with about 30 empty seats on the bus.  He seemed to think, once again, he was off to a race.  There was mass revolt on the bus.  Some families were separated, Vickie and Bernie’s carry-on luggage were on our bus but they weren’t.  It was crazy.  ANYBODY SPEAK SPANISH ON HERE??  What was I thinking going without Spanish??  We finally convinced him in broken Spanglish (Spanish/ Enlgish) to wait for the other bus.  Vickie got on board when the other bus caught up.  Everyone was accounted for.  And she informed me my luggage was on the other bus- she had made one last check in some of the rooms and discovered some kind person had moved my luggage into one of the rooms to get it out of the rain.  It had nearly stayed there.

Arrived at the airport and found all my luggage.  Checked it in.  Discovered that the plane had been booked full and we got bumped- to first class the whole way back.  What a shame!  Our luggage got “priority” tags.  Cool!  Arrived in Atlanta.  Had to recover my luggage to go through customs.  Nobody’s luggage showed up for a long time.  They made an announcement that there had been a problem with the luggage from Tegucigulpa, thank you for our patience.  Finally the luggage started coming.  Soon everyone else had dispersed and there I stood with one of my four pieces of luggage.  At last three stragglers, all mine, came out with their “priority” tags still proudly attached. 

Dealt with the “apple” issue in customs and headed out with my luggage…..but not really sure where I was supposed to go with it.  I figured I should find a Delta stand of some kind to turn it back in to.  But a couple guys that looked like they knew what they were doing told me to give it to them and they’d get it to where it needed to go.  They were standing by a conveyor belt that disappeared into the back.  I figured they knew what they were doing and handed over the luggage.  It arrived uneventfully in Omaha.  But, I think a micro-chip could be a good idea….

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