Oh for Ears that Hear

First morning of our Maranatha project we gathered up our gospel-proclaiming hard hats, work gloves, eye protection and boarded the school bus for the job site.  We were going to BUILD!  Mission work.  Ahhhh!!!  After a short trip down littered streets with numerous pot holes we arrived at the “site”.  It was barren.  Hot.  Dusty.  Windy.  Noisy.  Lots of people we didnt’ yet know.  A band playing to welcome us there.  Scorching sun.  A short speach translated to thank us for coming.  “How long do I have to stand here?”  The questions were coming already.  “I want to leave.”  “How about we lay one block?”  I suggested.

A large group shifted over to where the foundation was poured to get instructions on how this was all going to work.  The band started playing again.  How were we going to hear the instructions over all the commotion?  “I’m hot.  Can we go now?”  There was a bus boarding for the people who had come just to see the welcoming ceremonies.  We got on.

That was one silent, sad ride back for me.  How had I let this happen?  How had I come so unprepared?  Why didn’t I prepare my children better?  Why hadn’t I prayed more and talked less before coming?  Why hadn’t I paused and listened for God?  What was I doing here anyway?  I wanted to cry.

Back at the hotel I wandered with my children.  We ended up back at the meeting hall with a few other moms with little kids.  I tried to smile.  Shelley came to the door a short time later.  “What did you and the kids think of the building site?”  “Hmmm… I don’t think it’s going to be a ‘go’ for us.  They didn’t think much of it.”  “OK.  Come with me.  I want to talk to you.”

I went to the office with her.  There was Vickie- smiling.  “We’d like you to be in charge of the volunteer kids.  Organize something for them to do in the mornings.  We’ve been praying for a person like you to come along.”  And then I cried.

“Dear God, Thank You that You are so good.  Thank You for Your grace that You pour out.  Please, God… I believe I was born spiritually deaf.  Give me Your spiritual cochlear implants.  And, God, if You could remind me to recharge the batteries every day so they work right, that would be awesome….otherwise, I bet I’ll forget.  Thank You!”

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