What shall I call this?

Hmmm… a blog.  I’ve thought about a blog for a while.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy challenging people to think more and differently about their walk with Christ.  I’m often willing to share what’s in the depths of my mind that most people run from- but we all know is there.  So, how about a blog?  Can God use a blog?  Is that a tool He could use?  I think so.  But what to call this thing? 

I tried many addresses:

walkingwithjesus, journeywithchrist, walkandtalk, walkthetalk, thisjourneyofmine, thislittlelight, forhisglory.  All taken.

awordforchrist, groundedinchrist- not taken- but I’m too insecure to use them.  What if my word was, well, just that?  My word?  What if I failed to be grounded?  False advertising.

flightofabutterfly- too revealing.   What happened to the grounded part?

coverwithhislife.  I just sang that song for the first time tonight.  Got out the hymnal a few days ago playing ones I knew.  Thought I’d flip to a new one tonight.  YouTube says it’s a “classic”.  Where have I been?  But I like the message.  It says so much.  I might be a flighty butterfly.  I might speak my own words and fail to speak for Christ at all times.  But, I am on a journey.  And praise God, I am covered with His life!  So, here we go.  Walking with Jesus… on a blog.

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  1. Buffy Halvorsen

     /  February 22, 2011

    Glad you know this song now. I love it. The only way to be.


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