This might sound like another installation in the story of Jeff.  And yes, there was that night.  The one after his surgery when the hospitalist couldn’t believe that morphine wasn’t relieving his pain.  But rather than switch to something else, he just gave him more.  So much more, that all night long every 30-45 seconds his oxygen saturation alarm went off and I had to shake him and remind him- “BREATHE, Jeff.  BREATHE!” 

But no, this isn’t about that night.  This is about today.  This is for me.  Breathe!  Breathe in- God is good.  Breathe out- All the time.  Breathe in- God.  Breathe out- Thanksgiving.  Breathe in- God.  Breathe out- Gratitude.  Breathe in- God.  Breathe out- Life.  It’s time to breathe. 

People have told me that my writing makes them feel like they are in the story.  What might not be as appreciated is that it does the same for me as I write.  It takes me right back to that time, that day, that place.  And it’s time for me to breathe.

A wise counselor told me, “Be careful what you put in black and white.  Your thoughts and your interpretation of the past will tend to be fluid for some time.  They will change as you change even though the facts themselves will obviously never change.  Once you write it, the past is cemented.  Don’t write it too soon.”  It’s time to breathe.  

God’s goodness is certainly seen in Jeff’s story over and over.  However, the two years of time unaccounted for in my writings will have to wait a while.  It’s time to breathe.

God is good.  All the time.  I was just reminded of His goodness while reading in Psalm 37 this morning.  It’s time to get back to writing more about that.  It’s time to breathe.

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