Things that Jump in the Night

I threw back the covers ready to hop into bed for the night.  It had been a long day.  It was good to have it draw to a close.  I was ready for rest.  I was just starting to slide between the sheets when…

*Gasp*  WHAT was THAT???

Say it isn’t so!  It was brown, small, oval….. looked like…. a BUG.   A BED BUG.  I had heard the reports.  There is a problem with infestations in our city.  And, I’ve seen them “live” and in person.  NO!!!  Not in MY house!  I moved slowly.  I was in my camo pajamas so maybe it hadn’t seen me yet.  I could sneak up on it and grab it.  But, should I grab it with my hand or with a kleenex?  I’d be extremely brave…  brave beyond measure… my hand.  I’d pinch it fast between my fingers.

I slid my fingers across the sheet getting closer.  It moved!  Ewwwww!!!!  Give me the willies!  It really was a bug!

Or… was it?  Hmmm… something didn’t look quite right.  Only one way to find out – GRAB it.  I snatched it up lickity split before it could scurry away.  NOPE!  Just the scab that I had noticed was missing from my knee earlier.  It had fallen off the night before.  And, thanks to static electricity, it had “jumped”.  And so had I.

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  1. That’s just nasty! I mean nasty! hahaha

    • Laughter is good medicine. Looked at your blog. I like your tag line. Looks like we have something in common- unfortunately.


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