Onions- and other things that make your eyes sting

Onions.  I don’t like onions.  I’m learning to tolerate them.  I appreciate the flavor they add to food.  But I still don’t like the crunch.  I’ll saute them and use them to bake with.  But don’t ask me to eat a raw one on my sandwich.  It’s a family joke.  You can tell if I wrote a recipe because if it is supposed to say “onion”, my copy will say “one teeny, tiny onion”.  If they must be used, either puree them or keep the chunks big enough so I can pick them out.  I know, not very grown-up and tolerant of me.  But, I don’t like onions. 

Bart.  He says I need to treat life like an onion in reverse.  Take whatever it is that causes my eyes to sting, and put layers on it.  Hurts to think about camping?  Go camping.  Make a new memory.  Wrap it around the old.  Do it a bunch.  Eventually my eyes won’t sting so much while I do it.  And that sting will be buried under a bunch of layers of happy.

Onions.  Literal or figurative – I still don’t like them.  But, I’m learning to tolerate them.

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  1. Jon

     /  March 8, 2011

    Just like a sandwich without onions isnt really a sandwich…so is life…


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