“I’ve got a 100 dollar bill!!!”  Jack ran from the room thrilled!  It was kind of a nasty trick I’d played on him though.  It was 100 limpido.  That was approximately $6.  He was going shopping with a couple of the guys along with us on our mission trip in Valley of the Angels, Honduras.  I figured he couldn’t get in too much trouble with that amount and he thought he was rich!  Wow!  One hundred!

He’s at that age where he is starting to worry about money a lot.  One hundred seems to be about the largest amount that has some meaning to him.  He frequently asks me how many $100 bills I have.  “I have none.  They are all in the bank.”  He doesn’t like that answer.  “Well, but, how many do you have in the bank?”  “Just enough,” I say.  “How do you know you have enough if you don’t know how many you have?  How many do you have?”  We can go round and round like that all the way home from school some days.  And here’s my final answer:

“I know I have enough because God promised to give me all I need.  So, however many that is, it’s enough.”

It’s easy for me to say.  I’ve never gone to bed hungry for lack of food in the house.  I know there are lots of people who do.  I know there are those who starve to death.  There are people who could use another $100 for true needs- not frivolous wants- but for food and water.  Does God’s promise to provide for all their needs not apply to them?



Oh, I’m sorry.  Are you still reading?  Thinking you’ll find the answer here?  I was just asking you a question.  But, here’s what I came up with.  Some die on this earth for lack of money, food, or health.  But none will ever die eternally for lack of spiritual wealth if they choose to take it from God.

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