Hush Now

She’s always been my expressive one – my daughter.  At times she’s been expressive enough to earn the title “drama queen”.  One time we were with a crowd of people we didn’t know when she was three.  “Wow!  It’s like talking to a 10 year-old!” someone commented.  At the age of two she’d tell animated stories that would go on and on.  Then she’d take a deep breath, hold up one finger and say ever so sweetly, “Just one more story!”  and ramble off again.  She was talking in full sentences by the time she was one.  It’s a mystery from whence she got the gift of gab.

But even before she could use words, she expressed her needs and desires very effectively.  She wanted companionship.  I’d rock and rock my little baby girl and when I was sure she was sleeping soundly, I would lay her in her crib ever so gently.  The instant my hands moved away, her eyes and mouth would open simultaneously.  “Come back!” she would scream in baby language.  Hungry – same language, but slightly different tune.  Tired – same language, slightly different tune.  Wet – yeah, same language, slightly different tune.  I became pretty efficient at interpreting the tune she was “singing”.  And I distinctly remember thinking and even saying at times, as I listened to her “sing” to me while I was getting whatever it was that she needed ready for her, “It’s coming.  I’m taking care of it.  I know what you need.   Hush now.  It will be O.K.  Mom is right here.”  And I could smile even though she was so distraught because I knew she’d be O.K.  I was taking care of it already.  She just hadn’t gotten it yet.

I think God looks at me with the same smile while I “sing” my tune to Him.  He’s got it handled.  He’s right there.  He’s taking care of it already.

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer;  And while they are still speaking, I will hear.”  Isaiah 65:24

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