Birds, Mammals and Moments of Awe

The words “sea” and “world” in that order spark fond memories for my children.  Approximately 7 years ago they went to Sea World with their dad and grandparents while I attended meetings in San Diego.  It was a magical time for them.  The details have dimmed for my son, but the ambiance lives on in his mind.

When I was visiting my friend in Austin and she told me there was a Sea World close by, I knew we just had to go.  The kids were thrilled!  The weather couldnt’ have been more pleasant, but unfortunately it was spring break for everybody.  The lines for the rides were long and the shows were packed.

My daughter and I ended up sitting on a rock for a spell while everyone else stood in the ride lines.  She is getting older.  The “magical” part isn’t there so much for her anymore.  And she understands a little better the value of a dollar. 

“Was it worth it?” she asked me as we sat by each other.

“Oh yeah!”  I answered without hesitation.  “There was one moment that made it all worth it.  It was that moment in the Beluga Whale show when the flock of parrots flew overhead while the dolphins were doing flips.  That moment I thought “Heaven will be something like this but incredibly better.”  That made it worth it.”

“Yeah, heaven will be incredible,” she said.  And that made it even more worth it to me.

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