Our Prayer Corner

Our family has a prayer corner.  Sure we’ve got the room where we worship in the evening, but we’ve got a different corner in the morning.  It is located at an intersection where we have to wait in traffic for a green left-hand turn arrow on the way to school.  We pray there.  I used to be the one to pray until someone honked because I had my eyes closed when the light turned green.  After that I decided one of the kids should pray while I peaked. 

This morning I asked my daughter to pray.  The light turned green soon after she started.  By the time she finished we were 1/4 mile down the road.

“Thanks.  I kept my eyes open,” I said, stating the obvious.

“Well, duh, MOM!”  she replied.  “Who would ask Jesus to protect them for the day and then drive with their eyes closed?  You can’t do that.”

Wise child, but I know I have done it.  I’ve left my prayer corner with my spiritual eyes closed and proceeded into my day.  How about you?  Are your eyes open?

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