You’ll even get to hold a…

“So, what’s new with you, Sylvia?”  The bank teller was making small talk as I deposited my tax refund.

“I’m going to Peru!”  I answered, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh, really?  With family?  or friends?  What’s the occasion?”

“A mission trip!”  I’ve come to love that word.  I love the conversations that follow.  I think it’s in my blood.

The tax refund was the same amount I’d just left with Pastor Rich – plus a $56 bonus for me.  This is a last-minute deal.  It’s one of those happy surprises in life.  The trip isn’t until June but everyone else had their tickets a while ago.  Mine is being purchased today.  I just happened to see Pastor Rich at church this weekend.  I don’t usually attend the church he does, but it was alumni weekend and I went to see what visitor from days-gone-by I might happen upon.  I didn’t find any visitors from days-gone-by, but had a nice chat with Pastor Rich in the hall.

“Hey, if you want to go on a mission trip again, let me know,” he offered.

“When are we going?”  I asked.

And so the conversation started just two days ago.  And I’m going!  I didn’t ask anything about the place we were going.  It didn’t matter.  In fact, I told my friends that evening I was going on a mission trip.  They wanted to know where I was going.  I wasn’t sure.  “I think he said Peru, but I’m really not certain.”  It was Peru.  He told me more about it today.  He showed me pictures of the bugs the people eat for protein.  And pictures of dead rats for sale in the market place.  And he said, “You’ll even get to hold a…”  I held up my hand like a traffic cop and stopped him.  “If it’s a snake, don’t tell me!”  He paused the rocking of his chair, tapped his fingertips together, and smiled like only Pastor Rich can.  “OK, nevermind then,” but his eyes twinkled the answer.

I’m going on a medical mission trip, and I’m giddy!  Jealous?  Don’t be.  Adopt the Nike slogan instead.  Just do it!

Here’s where we’re going:  If you look at the pictures and see a snake, please don’t tell me about it. 🙂

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