The Way It Is

“Jeff won’t be there.”  The matter-of-fact statement caught me off guard.

“Well, no.  He won’t be, will he?”

“Nope.  Camping was more fun with Jeff.”

“I agree.”

“I liked camping when Jeff was along.”

“Me too.  You’re right.  He made it fun.  It’s not as fun anymore.”

“Yeah.  I love him.”

“I loved him, too.”  We exchanged knowing glances for a moment.  “Thanks for sharing that with me, Joshy.”

“Sure!”  His big eyes smiled.  Then my nephew hopped down from his chair and ran off to play.

Oh for the innocence of a 5-year-old.  No masks are worn.  No masks are needed.  He doesn’t even know they exist.  He just says it the way it is, then gets on with life.  I want to be like a child.

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