Electrical Delimma

Electricity.  I have never understood it.  When I was in physics class I did just fine until we got to the concept of flow and volume.  I was stumped.  My husband, who generally found school challenging, became highly entertained watching me struggle with a concept like flow and volume.  “It’s just like electricity,” he said.  Well, that was of no help.  I have never understood electricity. 

I’ve been doing some home repair projects today.  Guess what they’ve been…. 

Electrical.  I HATE electricity.  It scares me.  I don’t understand it.  I replaced a couple plugs that were bad and some old light switches.  All was going relatively well.  I was feeling so successful.  Then came the three-way switches.  Oh!  Those have THREE wires.  Where do they all go?  The switches I was replacing were about 30 years old and the screws for the wires were in different places than the new ones.  I couldn’t tell from just looking where the wires should go.  I hooked them up the way I decided it should work.  I flipped the breaker back on and, voila!  Lights!  What a little smartie I am!  I ran up the stairs and flipped the switch on the other end.  Hmm…. NO LIGHT.  Not such a little smartie.  Back to the breaker box to turn it off.  Back to the switch to flip the wires around.  Back to the breaker box.  Back to the switches.  Now there was NOTHING at either end.  Hmm…  Back to the breaker box.  When all else fails, stop and think.  Where to find the answer….  Ah ha!  Upstairs.  The switch at the top of the stairs was new.  It was installed by someone who understood electricity.  I just had to take the cover off and see how that one was hooked up.  Yes, now it worked.

Many things in life I don’t understand.  But thank God He gave me an Example who understands.  And now there is Light.

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