We lived on Rainbow Lane.  Well, not really.  But our mountain home had some great rainbows.  They were usually complete and sometimes double.  That’s thanks to the big blue sky and an occasional rain cloud interspersing moisture between us and the sun.

We were living in our “new” house – actually the “fixer-upper”.  There was a channel of carpet missing in the floor of the family room the entire time we lived there.  We had taken down a wall and rearranged the space.  The kids used the bare path as a highway for their toy trucks and cars.  Sometimes my daughter would line up her horses and have a wild horse stampede down the lane.  Countless hours were happily whittled away playing with what most would have considered an eye-sore.

One day my son came running to get me.  He tugged on my hand with a big smile.  “Bree-low!”  he said excitedly.  “Bree-low!” pointing to the next room.  I didn’t understand what he meant at all.  He insisted I come with him.  I went where he led me to the family room door and discovered on the wall at the end of the path were several arched colored markings.  Marker.  On the wall.  Multiple colors.

“Did you do that?” I asked.

“YES!” he replied, obviously pleased with himself.

Then I saw it for what it was.

“A rainbow!  Good job!  …. Next time let’s do it on paper.” 🙂

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