Wind Blown

There’s a stiff wind out today.  The kind of wind that makes a girl wish her hair was in a pony-tail.  A slam-the-door-shut-if-you-don’t-hang-on wind.  A blow-the-arbor-over wind.  Yes, it’s a stiff wind.  But it’s not a Wyoming wind.

There are very few kite-flying days in the Wyoming.  The wind is either calm or blowing hard enough to put sand in your teeth.  I’ve got some Wyoming wind stories.  Like the time the horse loafing shed got blown over a 5′ tall fence and came to rest upside down on a large round hay bale.  Or the time a quarter of our shop roof got blown off.  Or the pool with several inches of water blew over.  Or the camper was thrown off of its jack stands.  All those times.  That kind of wind.

There was something else I noticed in the Wyoming wind.  The sagebrush.  It doesn’t move.  You can’t look at the sagebrush and know whether or not the wind is blowing, which direction it is blowing or how hard it is blowing.  It stands strong despite the wind.  Or possibly it stands strong because of a history of wind.

He only is my rock and my salvation;
         He is my defense;
         I shall not be moved.

Psalm 62:6

Dear God, keep me from blowing about in the winds of life.  Strengthen me with the wind.  Hold me fast, rooted in You.

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