Life-Long Angler

I was born fishing. Some of my best memories of family time include fishing.  I loved fishing.  Generally we would troll while fishing.  Nearly every summer while growing up we took our boat to the northwest and fished for salmon off the coast near Canada.

I taught Jeff how to fish. He hadn’t been fishing before I came into his life. His first time catching a fish was quite an experience for all of us, not the least of which was the fish. He set the hook so hard the poor little crappie came flying out of the murky waters of Holme’s Lake and swung like a pendulum between us.

Reflection of Heaven

When we moved to the mountains we started fishing the rivers.  Jeff took to that like a…. well….  like a fish to water.  Fishing in the rivers is a whole new experience.  The water is clear.  There are still, deep pools and areas of fast currents.  One has to learn to “read the water” to know where the fish will be.  Your approach and presentation has to be just right to fool the trout into taking what you are offering.

My daughter has a natural talent for river fishing.  She’s been reading the water since she was old enough to walk, and she started casting a line soon after.  She’s actually had more practice at fishing the river than I have.  My son prefers to throw rocks.  Throwing rocks and fishing in the river are not extremely compatible.  So, he and I usually ended up banished to some remote location with our bear spray for defense, throwing rocks and occasionally drowning a worm.  My daughter always caught the most fish, but we all had fun.

Pulling in a "live one"

Several years ago I heard of a camp called “Becoming an Outdoors Woman”.  BOW offered courses in survival, compass reading, Dutch-oven cooking, and other essential things such as fly-fishing.  It was a popular camp.  People came from across the United States to attend.  I enrolled and was fortunate enough to get accepted. The afternoon we were to learn how to cast our fly line turned out to be exceptionally instructional.  The wind was blowing at about 30 mph.  The additional challenge the wind provided ensured that I developed good technique.  If you can cast in that wind, you can cast anywhere.

There’s another kind of casting that requires experience and training.  “‘Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6,7 NKJV.

When I’m out in my boat with the winds of life, I need to concentrate on casting, not on taking control of the oars. If I’ve done a good job casting, if I have really thrown my burdens to Him, He will handle the oars and we will fair the weather much better.  The harder the wind blows, the better I can become at casting.

“If we truly have cast our burden upon another, can they continue to pressure us?  If we carry them with us from the throne of grace, it is obvious we have not left them there.”  Streams in the Desert p.169.

About as serious as he's ever gotten about fishing...

Dear God, when the wind blows, give me courage to let You control the oars and give me strength and faith to cast well and far.

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