Fair Trade

I don’t know what the thing was to trade when you were in school, but my son likes to trade Mighty Beanz.  He thinks they’re pretty cool. But what is the attraction to those little things?  They are oblong and flip and flop in sometimes unpredictable ways. They’ve got silly faces and drawings on them.  They really don’t seem to have much purpose other than to give a boy something to trade. I usually ask my son if he got a good deal when he made a trade.  He generally thinks he did.

Jeff liked to trade.  He always liked to be on the winning side of a trade.  He bought a 1967 FJ45 one time because it was a good deal.  He took cash to the exchange.  He had the full sale amount with him but presented less cash than the asking price, knowing the guy really needed to sell the vehicle.  Jeff went home with the vehicle on our trailer and some cash still in his pocket.  He got a good deal on that one.

Not that long after the purchase, Jeff was diagnosed with cancer and we had to empty the shop to move our lives.  A friend who likes old vehicles wanted to buy the FJ45.  I told him what I thought it was worth – which was more than Jeff had paid.  “Nope.  No sale,” he said.  “I know it is worth much more than that.  Those things are pretty rare and this one is in really good shape.  I’ll do my own research and get back with you.”  He paid me double what I’d asked.  Jeff got way better than a good deal on that one.

Through the course of cancer Jeff came to walk closely with his God.  He surrendered his life and dreams to God.  He loved Him with all his heart.  In return for that love, he gained eternal life.  He got the best deal with that one.  He’ll be happy.

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Mark 8:36

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  1. Carol

     /  July 26, 2011

    This made me cry.


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