The Trail

When we lived in Wyoming we often times spent our Sabbath afternoons or entire summer weekends in the mountains.  A frequent hang-out of ours was about an hour from our house on pavement and another 45 minutes or so up the gravel.  We’d take our young kids and usually one or two dogs.  And we’d typically take our back packs for a hike.  Everybody carried something, even if it was just their own water.  We were in training.  We were going to do an over-nighter with our packs some day.  We’d talk about the lakes we might pack in to.  We were going to cheat just a little bit though. The plan was to bring a horse to carry all our stuff – and possibly one of the kids if they got too tired.  We never got our trip done, but we got in a lot of practicing.

Sound the Alert

It was always interesting to watch the dogs on our hikes.  Zoey usually wore a cow bell.  Some people like to see the wildlife when they are in the wilderness.  Some wildlife we really didn’t want to see while walking with our kids.  A bear was one of them.  So we’d let Zoey sound the alert while scampering around with her bell.  Marble would do her fair share of exploring as well.  The two of them would pick up the scent of something and head off into the brush in a flurry.  There was no pacing themselves or calculating their next move.  They just went.  They probably covered several times the miles we ever did.  Occasionally we would whistle for them to make sure they hadn’t gotten too far off the beaten path.  And I’m happy to say we went home with all of our dogs every time we took them.

Life is like the path.  Unfortunately, I have dog tendencies.  Fortunately, my Master isn’t going to go home without me.

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