Time to LeGo

I have a brick in my pocket today.  No, I don’t have a huge pocket and I’m not tilting to one side.  It’s just a small brick.  It’s a Lego brick.  It didn’t accidentally end up there after washing my pants with my son’s. I put it there purposefully this morning.  A friend shared a story with me that prompted me to put the brick in my pocket.  I’ll tell you more about the brick I chose later.  Here’s her story:

“A couple of your recent messages brought back some memories. I was having some “life issues” several years ago. I was having a really hard time Letting go and Letting God. I found myself spending way too much time ruminating about things I had no power to fix. While walking in the morning I started chanting to myself…”let go, let God, let go, let God”. Then I realized LEGOs could be a reminder of LEt GO LEt GOd. I borrowed a brick from the boys’ LEGOs box and put little Lego pieces in my purse, my jacket pockets, my desk at work. I put them beside my bed so I could pick them up and play with them for a second rather than spiraling in my thoughts. Anyway….our family went to Silver Dollar City – hard to do since my husband had just filed for divorce. I was kind of walking around in a haze when we rounded a corner and the boys dragged me into a huge LEGO display. There I saw millions of little LEt GO LEt GOd messages.  I was pretty overwhelmed! I love those Lego displays! And all is well with the hubby. God is Good!”

God is good, my friend!  Thank you for that reminder.  My brick is red to remind me that Jesus paid the price with His blood.  It is round, because too often I try to put God Almighty in a little box.  The brick is light, because He has promised His burden is light.

Today I choose to LEGO.

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  1. Well said. Need one of those myself…

  2. Holding On

     /  October 9, 2011

    It’s a great day to pick up a Lego….Thank you for that story


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