I Hear Voices

I hear voices in my head. Oh, come on. Admit it!  You do, too.

I’ve had seasons in my life when my commute to work was lengthy.  A few years ago I drove an hour each way most days of the week. My schedule put me in the car when Adrian Rogers was preaching on one of the religious stations.  I enjoyed my drive to work.  He was so inspirational to listen to.  His practical application of the Bible to daily life made things seem so logical and straight-forward.  But every now and then he would throw in a purely theological point that really made no common sense and was directly contrary to very clear verses in the scripture.  It was then that a voice in my head said, “Send him a book.”  How wonderful it would be if Pastor Rogers could preach practical Christian living and Biblical theology!  I was pretty sure it was God telling me to do that.

A few months passed and I was still driving an hour to work every day and still listening to Adrian in the mornings.  I still hadn’t mailed that book because, sadly, I don’t always jump when the voice says jump.  It was then that I learned that Adrian had passed away.  “What a missed opportunity,” you say.  Not really.  Turns out he had passed away several years before that.  I know God had that piece of information all along. So what voice had I been hearing?  Was the book intended for someone else who worked in that ministry?  Or had I made the whole thing up in my own head?

I have a friend who has told me, “If it’s not illegal or immoral and the idea comes in your head, act on it. You never know what opportunity it might open up.”  True.  But that seems like a shotgun approach to life.  Some of us who get a lot of ideas in our heads would be chasing after the wind or our tails for years on end and no forward motion would ever be detected.

So how does one differentiate between God’s leading and speaking to us and our own crazy thoughts and ideas?  John 10 makes it clear that Jesus knows each of us and each of us can know Him well enough to recognize His voice.  Verse 14 says, “I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own.” And verse 27 extends that to include action on the part of His people, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

I wish I could say I’ve got it all figured out.  I don’t.  But knowing the character of God gives me comfort and peace.  He is full of grace.  He wants my heart.  He knows my heart.  If I am searching for Him, I will find Him when I search with all my heart.  Beyond that, He has promised to make good of all things – even my mistakes.  His love, grace and forgiveness reach far beyond any mistake I could make. He is much greater than I am.

We serve an awesome God!

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  1. Carol L.

     /  November 6, 2011

    I like listening to Adrian Rogers when I drive to work, too. He preaches from God’s word and really blesses me except for the area you mention. I have been prompted to do some things that I probably will never know if they accomplished my purpose, but scripture says that no work for the Lord is ever wasted (I Cor 15:48) and God’s word will not return to Him void (Is. 55:11).

    • Great promises, Carol. You will know someday in the great by and by. But since His ways are far greater than ours, I would guess the results won’t look like we expected. He is good.


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