Truth or Dare

I had the distinct privilege of recently traveling several hours in a van with a gaggle of giggling girls.  One of the girls was my daughter.  She’s almost a teen per the calender but has been one for some time per her brain.  She was on a school outing and I got to go along this time.

As we listened to the girls, I occasionally exchanged glances with another mom who was driving.  You can learn a lot about what is going on by listening.  The girls’ conversation shifted to Truth or Dare.  I grimaced.  It’s too bad that game didn’t fade away like feathered hair and large-rimmed glasses did.  Unfortunately it looks like it is here to stay.  I found myself holding my breath as I heard the girls address my daughter.  What would they ask her?  What would she be willing to say or do?  What would she ask of her friends?  Have I prepared her sufficiently to handle herself well in that situation?  Couldn’t they just not play that game?  We didn’t interfere and they kept playing.

How often God must hold His breath, wondering what direction I will choose in life. Even though He knows the future, I imagine at times He sits on the edge of His throne, listening and waiting for my life to unfold. Did He prepare me well enough?  Will I handle myself like His child?  He gives me free choice. He doesn’t stop me. But there must be moments when He wishes He could reach down and pluck me out of the van.

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