Good Fences…

You know the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.”    Well, there are lots of things good fences do.

Good fences make good zoos.  Imagine a zoo without fences.  The lions and tigers would be having seal kabobs for lunch every day and the monkeys would be swinging from giraffe necks.  Well, OK, I know there are safaris where there are no visible fences on the inside.  But inevitably there is a “fence” of some kind – usually in the form of a vehicle or a guide to keep distance between the people and animals.  It’s just safer that way.

Good fences make good playgrounds.  I know when the kids were younger I felt better with fences around.  As long as I was comfortable with what was inside of the fence, I knew they’d be safe. I liked knowing that if I looked away for a moment the kids couldn’t run off too terribly fast or too horribly far.  And I liked knowing that somebody else couldn’t easily get in.  It’s just safer that way.

Good fences make good marriages.  When I was married, there were several fenced areas in my life.  First there was the girlfriend fence.  There was a huge variety of equipment in the girlfriend area.  Restrictions were few.  It was very easy to get in – as long as one had the password chromosomes “XX”.  Since being reinstated into single status, the girlfriend area has increased in size and I’ve sought out many more gals to join me. The area is full of joy, laughter, and running amuck but sometimes has its share of trials and tears. All are shared freely.  It’s a very safe place to play.

While married, I also had the guy friend fence.  It looked much different than the girlfriend area but was also extremely safe. The boundary in the guy area was marked in bright flourescent orange making it very easy to see.  Stepping on the line or even getting close would cause the offender to be thrown into the dreaded “TDC” area (more about that later).  As long as one stayed in the center of the area, all kinds of fun could be had. There were no questions about where any relationship in the guy area was going to take me.  I functioned with ease within this fenced area. The fence did not make it restrictive. Quite the opposite.  It made the area safe and more enjoyable.

And, ahhh… yes…. the frightful TDC area.  A simple fence was totally inadequate. This area was barred off with a moat, castle-width walls, and no windows.  The drawbridge was always up.  Inhabitants were catapulted over the top of the walls never to be seen or heard from again. It was a fortress overlayed with prayer.  Because I am a sinful human by birth, I did not dare go in.  I was never aware of the rules inside the TDC area.  The only rule I knew was that I needed to stay out. It was a restricted area in my brain reserved for the men who made me want to look twice…”Too Darn Cute“.  Every married person should have one and stay away from it. Your marriage is safer that way.

Now that I’m single, I’m supposed to walk in there.  ~WHAT?!?~

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  1. Holding On

     /  November 15, 2011

    Just allow God to be the draw bridge and you will be ok! With him in control and your will surrendered you have placed the best fence around you that you can, the Hedge of HIS protection, inside that hedge you will be “safe”.

  2. Carol

     /  November 24, 2011

    This is really insightful. Thanks for sharing and reminding me about fences.

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