Get to Class

I arrived the morning of my first big physics test.  Confident.  I had studied hard.  In fact, rather than waste my time at the review session listening to the professor answer the repetitious questions that a couple irritating classmates were sure to ask, I stayed home by myself and studied the book. I was ready.  Bring. It. On.  Since there were a hundred or more different mathematical formulas that no man could surely memorize, I focused on knowing how to apply and use them.  They would be supplied on the test.  I thought.

My confidence grew as I seated myself on test day and saw other students with paper in their hands evidently still cramming for the test.  I was ready. As I sat smugly waiting, I began to realize that everyone, except me, had exactly one piece of paper. My throat tightened.  I leaned over to the person next to me and asked what was up with the papers everyone had.  He stared back at me in utter disbelief.  Hadn’t I heard? No formulas would be provided on the test.  We were supposed to bring a cheat sheet with all the formulas we thought we’d need.  In that moment of truth, my certain “A” became a certain “F”.  All color drained from my face.  My palms dripped. My knees knocked.  My brain said a bad word.  I couldn’t decide if I should pass out or vomit.

Time crawled.  Ten minutes after the test was supposed to have started, the professor appeared at the door with nothing in hand.  “Someone has stolen the test,” he reported.  “In all the many years I’ve been here, this has never happened in my class. I have no choice but to postpone the test until tomorrow while I write a new one.”  SAVED!  Hallelujah! I had a second chance.  I was never so happy that someone else had been so bad.

My friend, you’ve got a test or two coming up in life and you likely won’t get a second chance.  Here’s my advice: Get to class once a week even if your classmates irritate you.  Listen.  Take notes.  Read the Book yourself.

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  1. Karen

     /  January 12, 2012

    What a dramatic story. I was right there with you. So glad for the happy ending. One of God’s greatest gifts to us is bringing something good out of bad experiences. Can’t wait for the REAL happy ending!

  2. Carol L.

     /  January 12, 2012

    Another “all things work together….”

  3. That was GREAT! I loved it! (Whew!)


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