Fearless Love

Memories of my childhood are happy ones. We played with a tamed raccoon. He’d try to wash his cracker snacks off in the tub and we’d laugh as his treat disintegrated in his paws. We fished for salmon in the ocean. We’d tease each other by yanking on someone’s fishing line when they weren’t looking, making them jump to action thinking they’d caught a big one. We camped in the woods of Wisconsin. We’d roast marshmallows over the campfire and go for bike rides on the trails. We helped with camp pitch the week before camp meeting. After our jobs were done, my siblings and I would explore with the other pastors’ kids before the remaining meeting attendees arrived. We tagged along with our parents on the weekends. Saturday nights were often spent in the conference office doing odd jobs or racing each other on wheeled chairs while our parents worked.

Life was carefree. It’s not that nothing ever went wrong, but when it did I believed my dad could fix it. It’s not that I was never in a dangerous situation, but I knew he would always protect me. It’s not that I had all I wanted, but I trusted he would give me all I needed. It’s not that I never fell, but I had faith he would always catch me.

His love set me free. No worry, just trust. No anxiety, just hope. No fear, just faith. No restlessness, just the peaceful slumber of an innocent child. No apprehension of the unknown, just fearless forward motion with him beside me. I believed in me because he believed in me and I believed in him. I know now he is human like the rest of us. Fallible. But I didn’t know it then. All I knew was that he loved me. And that was enough.

Dear God, I want to know love like that with You.

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  1. My dad ignored me. God is the only one I have known that loves me like that. I enjoyed your post.

    • Wow, Joy. That is amazing faith. And you are a testimony to how God’s love can be known inspite of human shortfalls and errors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie

     /  February 5, 2012

    Sylvia, I can picture you childhood and truly believe in what your Dad did and how he inspired all of you. You have been blessed with a great family, then, now and the future with God. I truly want that kind of trust and faith with God, I believe..Thanks as always. Julie.

  3. Holding On

     /  February 5, 2012

    Amazing picture once again. Thank you for the blessing of your writing.

  4. So true… And our Heavenly Father loves us even more! With you on that prayer.

  5. what a darling child you were (and still are, no doubt)! how blessed to have such a wonderful, connected upbringing with your father. i think you’ve summed up how childhood should be for every little one.

    i loved the story of your coon. My friends around here have had coons as pets, but they seem to turn wild as they get older. If you want to see a couple around our place, here are the ones my husband found while working: http://wp.me/p11iCT-LO Cute, but growly 😉

    Lovely post.

    • Thanks for giving me the link. Love your blog. Great words.

    • P.S. The coon got wilder by the day and began wandering off for excursions. One night he attempted crossing the road one time too many. We had him for a very memorable six months.


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