Evening at the Symphony

The winds and stringed instruments volleyed their replies.  The timpani rumbled, joining the crescendo. I appreciated the richness of the combination of instruments as played by the Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra and the Lincoln Youth Symphony. And I acknowledged the tremendous commitment to practice these performers have maintained in order to reach this point in their careers.

As I listened, my thoughts drifted back to my days in the small band at high school.  I was in the flute section, second chair. I didn’t practice a lot, but likely more than most.  I recalled those times sitting in my room practicing: counting, waiting, playing a few measures, counting and waiting some more before my part would join the song again.  While the flute often carries the melody, it doesn’t always.  My efforts while practicing didn’t sound like much of a song until it was played with the whole band together.

There are times in my life when my picture of God seems clear and  beautiful.  Other times I don’t hear anything from Him at all and there is a long, quiet pause in the song He is writing in my life.  Still other times the notes seem discordant and awkwardly timed.  When I fellowship with believers and listen to their testimonies, I realize that what I have experienced and understand is but a small piece of the amazing picture of who God is. It is when we come together and raise our praises to Him that we each become a part of the whole. If you haven’t been to “band” lately, please know the music of God’s orchestra isn’t complete without you.

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  1. Beautiful insight. I do so love my church family. Hard to grow as a Christian without those connections.

    • Without those connections it is easy to start to think that our tune is the only one anyone should be playing.

  2. “…and there is a long, quiet pause in the song He is writing in my life.” What a wonderful way to describe the times when we just are not quite sure what God is doing. We know He’s there, and we know He has a plan, but sometimes (oftentimes!) we are in the midst of the lull, and we need to trust in the Conductor.

    • Absolutely Joy. And when our life is making no sense and everything seems “off”, to trust God will work in to a beautiful song.

  3. Very beautiful- and so true! -kate


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