Crazy Love

I contacted a friend the other night, needing someone to commiserate with concerning the trials and tribulations of the dating world.  Turns out we are both in a similar boat and the opportunity to share was much appreciated.  As often happens in the world of relationship conversations, things quickly turned to the deeper questions in life, like – what is God trying to teach me?  What is the meaning of happiness?  How much work in a relationship is too much?  How much waiting is too long?  What motivates our deep desire to give and receive love?  Can someone be loved enough to heal a past injury? Are we setting the other person up for disappointment if we think we can love away the hurt- knowing we are only human and prone to fail in our attempts at some point and to some degree? Can we stay close enough to God to provide unconditional love without becoming impatient, selfish or anxious when it doesn’t look like it’s going how we’d like?  Can love endlessly flow from us while being filled only from God?  Does God put love in our hearts for others so He can love them through us even when they don’t appear to accept it?  Is this all crazy?

Then I look at God.  I did nothing to reciprocate before He told me He loved me.  I, in fact, didn’t even like Him before He loved me.  I was dressed in stinky, smelly rags but yet He unashamedly told the whole world of His love for me.  I was not worthy but He didn’t care.  He didn’t give me a time-line I had to comply with or risk the removal of His love.  He had no guarantee as to whether or not I would accept His love.  He took all the vulnerability on Himself. While He tells me what I can do to please Him and show my love for Him, He doesn’t require me to do any of it for Him to love me.  His love makes no sense at all.  It is the most selfless, patient, generous thing I’ve ever encountered.  For God so loved me, that before I even looked His way He gave me the very best He had to offer, waiting with anxious anticipation to see if I would love Him back. He is absolutely, over-the-top, CRAZY!

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  1. “…He doesn’t require me to do any of it for Him to love me.” After reading that, I thought, wow, how can you not be drawn to a person like that? how can you not love someone who is like that? I don’t think I could show such selfless love for someone like God does–unless it would be my children, but even at that, I have not always shown love the way God wants me to. A love like none other! Great points. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Shelley Weaver

     /  April 3, 2012

    Hello Dear Friend~! I think those “deeper questions” are at the bottom of all our relationships, married or not. They resound within us because God created us relational, created us mainly BECAUSE he wanted to relate TO US. It is the so-called “bottom line” from which all the other questions of life emerge. I get a kick out of Children’s Stories in church, where the answer to every rhetorical question is always “Jesus.” But it’s true! I love that we were redeemed by a savior who, in addition to dying, came here to live with and RELATE with us. It could have been some other more formal, detached process, but with God, only love will do!

  3. KV

     /  April 3, 2012

    Boy, does this bring back memories! Memories of an effort to provide unconditional, relentless, forgiveness and love. These words are so true. But there is more. What happens when we reject that kind of love? We all do it. Some refuse to even listen to what God has to offer, and it breaks God’s heart, and ours. We don’t like to talk about the consequences of that, but there they are, spelled out very clearly for us. Even for us who understand this crazy love, we still stray. Forgiveness is there for all of us to grasp – let’s pray for those that refuse to grasp it.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, KV. So true. God certainly has a capacity for forgiveness beyond our human understanding or duplication. He is an amazing God.

  4. I agree, of course, with all you said about God’s love, but last night I was e-chatting with a deaf friend who does not see God this way. She has nothing but anger and resentment for Him. I just can’t seem to get through to her. It ended up, as it usually does, that I have to share my love and care for her, in order to draw her hatred away from God for even a little bit.

    God’s love IS crazy, and it’s also unfathomable for some people. All we can do is love them, in place of God, and hope somehow it softens their opinion of God enough to look at Him in a different way. I hope God is using me to reach her, but sometimes I wonder it I’m any help at all.

    • Whether it softens her or not is between her and God, I would say, Teresa. It will be horribly sad for you, her, AND GOD if it is not effective, but that would certainly not be your responsibility. God uses us imperfect humans for reasons He only knows- likely to help US grow while we think we’re helping THEM. 🙂 God will find someone else with talents that you weren’t given to help her if there is something lacking in what you offer. I believe firmly God will grant every possible opportunity to ALL of His children to save them. The change may come when we least expect it. I’m so glad He is in charge. 🙂

  5. Yes, Sylvia, you are totally right. It’s really up to God. I need to remember that more and not feel the weight and responsibility so much. It just all seems so hopeless for her sometimes. She lives in another state. Doesn’t have many friends. And besides that she’s recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. So on top of everything, I feel like time may be running out for her. I know God can do a miracle for her though! Will just have to keep praying.

    • Amen. God knows the time she has on this earth and knows best how to reach her. Just listen for Him and work where He is.

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