A Persistent Teacher

He’s been there all my life, working with me.  He has softened my edges, relaxed my lists, and freed my rigid rules.  He’s helped me realize that emotions, good or bad, don’t last forever and can’t be relied upon to guide my life.  He’s changed my perspective, allowing me to see myself and others in different ways, more grace-filled ways.  He’s taught me to look for answers outside of myself and to value people over things.  He’s given pointers on knowing who to trust.  He has always provided a natural consequence to my actions.  He’s shown me the value in being patient and the potential of seizing the day with lessons in differentiating the two.  He’s taken away my innocence but yet has allowed for healing that could not have happened without him.  He’s revealed secrets about people’s actions and motives not known to others. Sometimes he moves very quickly, distracting me, and other times he marches slowly on, moving me through a situation inch by inch.  His lessons can only be fully understood with his passing; masterful Father Time.

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  1. Me too. My grandmother used to say, “Time and tide wait for no man.”

  2. You had me guessing right up to the end!

  3. Holding On

     /  May 4, 2012

    As I read it’s the Holy Spirit I think of guiding and leading each of us. It is amazing what God will show us when we listen. Thanks for the blessing.


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