Warm Fuzzies on a Cold Night

“No, Mom, no! Don’t make us do it again! Can’t you just forget about it?”  You would think I was invoking some form of ancient torture.  “Where did you come up with this idea anyway?  Who told you about this?”  – as if they might go do something revengeful to that non-existent person if they could just know who was to blame for the dreaded exercise.

What is this most horrific thing I require of them?  Every Friday evening for the past couple of months, plus or minus a week or two, we’ve been handing out warm fuzzies.  Here’s how it works:  We all get one small piece of paper for each of the other family members.  So, for us, we all get 3 pieces of paper.  Then we are to write something that we appreciate about each person.  It can be something we admire about their character, something kind we saw them do or experienced thanks to them, or an achievement we want to acknowledge.  You get the idea.  Then when we’re all finished writing, we take turns going around the table reading them to each other.  We’ve been keeping our slips of paper in a vase.  That’s it.  Nothing earth-shattering.  Pretty simple.

Warm Fuzzies 3

Since we started doing this I have found myself being more observant of the kindness, personal responsibility, and positive qualities of those I live with.  Sometimes I’ll think “Oh, that would be perfect to write,” – but by Friday night I will have forgotten what it was I had in mind.  I could remedy that problem by more often just saying what I appreciate at the moment I notice it.  Warm fuzzies written on a piece of paper are nice, but knowing you are appreciated throughout the week is nice too.

I came upon a website today chock-full of ideas that sound like they have potential to promote growth and well-being.  So the kids can breathe easier. I’m sure I’ll move on to some other form of torture before long.

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  1. I enjoined a similar form or “torture” in my family several years ago. Like yours, but we had a jar available for messages to be put into all through the week. Then could read them on Friday night. Whatever works best for your loved ones. But it’s a great concept–keep it up!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m sure your kids will learn to appreciate giving warm fuzzies as much as receiving them.

  3. This reminds me of an ‘exercise’ I participated in at an all-women’s Sunday School class. It was a small class, and there was a woman in the class that I did not care for. I found her to be overbearing, a know-it-all and often times insensitive to my feelings. She would also jump on any spiritual thing I shared in our group, and dissect it and ‘correct’ my interpretation. Then one Sunday our leader suggested we go around the table and share what we admired about each person. Easy enough until I came to ‘this woman’. I mustered up all the love i could find and came up with about 2-3 admirable traits. I guess we can always find something good to say about someone, even if it’s small.

  4. I love this idea! i think I may try this with my toddler. Shes only 4 but never too early I say!


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