God Things

“The way everything lined out and fell into place so easily… well, it just had to be a God thing,” she stated as she recounted how her husband got his first job.  “Hmm… really?” I thought.  And so after carefully considering my choice of words I said to her “Hmm… really?”

How is one to know?  Really?

I’ve got a friend who told God in prayer that she would move to the country if He found a buyer for her home in the city.  The home was never listed but they got an acceptable offer from a stranger shortly thereafter.  They moved.  Was it a God thing?  Had she received a message from Him and did the right thing?

I’ve got a pastor who has been a great blessing to our congregation.  He was here a long time and many prayers were said on his behalf before his prior home sold. The same thing happened to my family when I was a youngster – certain that God had called us to move to a new place but our prior house didn’t sell until we were near the breaking point.  Were those God things?  Did we miss a message from Him and make a wrong turn?

Did my friend have more faith than my pastor?  Or my dad? Were her prayers heard louder?  Answered more clearly?  These questions are getting….yucky.

When things get rough and nothing works out easily, is God giving a message?  If so, what is it?  Is the message to persevere or to redirect?  How do we know?  Do we bang on the door harder?  Or do we go look for a different door?  If so, how long should we try at the first door before moving on?


If there is an unmistakable morally correct answer, the dilemma doesn’t seem so complicated.  Any trials we encounter while trying to accomplish a morally correct thing  are easily blamed on the devil.  He’s trying to dissuade us from following God’s leading.  But what about those times when there isn’t a right or wrong?  What about the gray areas?  What about the paths that you choose in life?  How do you know?  Does it matter to God? What have been your experiences?  What do you do when life is not smooth sailing?

Here are my thoughts: God uses a willing heart. If the options are path A or B and you choose A and have a “divine appointment”- wonderful. But I don’t think that means it was necessarily the only way you could have chosen in order for God to use you. I think if you had chosen path B and had a willing heart, God would have used you there as well.  Unless He gives supernatural guidance in a situation, I think He allows us to pursue what we perceive to be the best option and works with us along the way.  But then I guess the question comes back to – when things get really hard or are super easy…. is that some sort of supernatural guidance??

As a side note, my friend still loves God – and ironically kind of wishes she was living in the city right now – but reminds herself it must have been a God thing.

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