A friend of mine expresses significant disgust with greedy squirrels getting into her bird feeders. In order to deter those crafty critters, she has taught a couple of her dogs to chase them on command.  She also happens to be a bit of a tease and will at times open the door and yell, “Squirrel!” just to get the dogs outside. They’ll run out the door full speed ahead in search of that allusive rodent.


A few years ago I attended a Beth Moore study series about Esther. There were many good lessons worth reviewing in that series, but one stands out in my mind very clearly.  Beth described how we sometimes fix ourselves on a goal, certain we are doing as our Master commands.  We are like a dog on point, fixated on the squirrel.  God at times picks us up by life circumstances and turn us around to point us toward the goal He desires for us, toward our true destiny.

May we hear our Master speaking and make the turns required when He calls us. His plans will always be much more eternally filling for us than our own could ever be.

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