Precious Pain

I’d seen a lot of wounds and sores on people’s feet, but none that quite matched this one. Located on the instep of a person with a normal arch, the skin in that area shouldn’t have gotten any pressure at all – and certainly not enough to cause an infected, weeping wound. Unfortunately the man had been diagnosed with diabetes at a young age but had not cared for himself. As a result he had lost sensation in his feet.  He had no memory of doing anything to hurt his foot, but his memory wasn’t to be trusted due to his inability to feel pain. Certain something must have fallen into his shoe, I picked it up to investigate.  Inside I found a perfectly normal (minus the stain from drainage) soft, diabetic insert.  There was no rock in the shoe – no nothing but the soft insert. Even though the insert was very thick, I decided for some reason I should look under the insert to see if perhaps something was lodged there that might be pressing on his foot.  The insert would not pull out.  Strange. Usually I had no problems getting them out. I tugged again. It wouldn’t come out.  That’s when I turned the shoe over and found a roofing nail through the shoe.  The nail was long enough so that when the man stepped on the insole, it squished down and pressed the sharp point of the nail into his flesh, yet the nail was short enough that it wasn’t seen on casual observation.  And most unfortunately, the man’s sensations were dulled enough that he had no idea he was stepping on a nail with every step.

We usually don’t like it when we feel pain. Often times we just want the hurt to go away.  We may even ask God to please take away the pain, make our lives better, and to fill us with joy and happiness.


I’m sure God would like to take that pain away for us.

But…what about the nail?

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