Bought with Blood

Bright red blood dripped from the blade. The old man looked down at his bleeding flesh. Pain seared through his body. He slowly sank against the terebinth tree and slid his body to the hot sand to avoid fainting. Beside him was his boy. His boy.  But not the boy of promise. Surrounding them were over 300 men. Some were moaning. All were bleeding just like the old man.  He thought back to the conversation he’d had that morning…with God.

God: Didn’t I promise you that I’d make you a great nation?

Abe: Yes. I am an old man now, God, and my wife is way beyond childbearing years. So I helped You out and got a son for myself – You know, Ishmael…

God: I know Ishmael, Abe, and I will take care of him. But he’s not the boy of promise. Abe, when I make a promise, I keep the promise. That’s how I am. Now here’s the deal. You can’t keep my promises for me. Do you understand?

Abe: I understand.

God: To help you remember, Abe, I need you to do something for me.

Abe: Sure God. You say the word.

God: Cut the tip off of that thing.

Abe: What? I’m not understanding anymore, God. What thing?

God: The thing that you used to try to keep my promise for me. Cut the end of it off.

Abe: THAT?!

God: Yep, THAT! I want you to always remember to rely on me. What I say, I will do. The only thing you need to do is believe. Got it?

Abe: Got it.

blood drops

Despite the pain, Abraham smiled as he relaxed into God, and it was accounted to him as righteousness.  Praise God, for He changes not and the deal is still the same. All I must do is believe … and quit trying to do God’s work.

The inspiration for this blog was a sermon preached by David Asscherick on 3ABN. Click his name for a link to his Facebook page.

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  1. An fascinating take on a well known story. Excellent.


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