Casting out Fear

Nary a wise decision was made whilst motivated by fear.

I’m no stranger to fear. I remember that feeling I had when the Trooper felt tipsy while driving the switchbacks on the mountain side of Clark’s Fork Canyon about a thousand feet up from the river below. I got out, taking my baby girl with me. The Trooper subsequently rolled one and a half times and landed on its roof, thankfully still on the trail, with Jeff inside. I had made a good decision. And that was fear. But it’s not the fear I’m talking about.


What happens when the foundation you built your life upon gets taken away? What happens when the core of who you identify yourself to be disappears into thin air? When the “healthy” is found to be “unhealthy”, the “functional” actually “dysfunctional”, and the “perfect” is very “imperfect”? What happens then? I’ve been there. I’ve been afraid.

“Perfect love casts out all fear.” I’ve read it. I believe it. So I have no answer but to look back on my life and realize there have been times I’ve not been connected to the Source of perfect love because my human fear was very present.  Friends, family, counselors, therapists, books and even medication – they are all supportive, good and helpful (if indeed they are supportive, good and helpful). But there is no complete healing of the soul without the presence of the Healer.  That darkest and most fearful time of all is when we are too afraid, too ashamed, too proud, too self-righteous, too confused, too dark, too burdened down… too brokenly human… to bare the most raw part of our souls to Him.

During my first round with fear, it took me fifteen years to hand it over. I haven’t become perfect at it. It isn’t my built-in, immediate response. But it becomes easier, faster, and more automatic every time I choose to give it to Him.  And when I do, His love is so comforting I always wonder why it took me so long.

If you are afraid in the deepest part of your soul today, I pray for the perfect love of Jesus Christ to wash over you.  Look up to Him. He’s waiting. And I pray that you will find the strength, vulnerability and discernment required to reach out to a safe person who can be His hands to you. You are not alone. The very act of facing your fear will frighten a majority of it away. Go ahead. Cast it out.

Then get on with living.

“For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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  1. I’ve referred to that text in I John 4 many times in my life too, and it seems like I’ll never get it straight. But every experience, even the ones from our less than perfect discernment, can be made useful if they do nothing but make us stronger in the long run. Keeping your eyes on God, as you remind us, is so vital. Thanks for giving the rest of us permission to make mistakes too.

    • Teresa, I can’t decide if I’m supposed to be getting stronger or more pliable. So, I think I better just decide to hang out with Him and let Him do “His thing” – whatever that looks like. It’s a tough job being human.


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