Top 10 Lessons from my First Pottery Class

1. The potter gets messy.

2. To get the clay centered, the potter’s hands need to stay as steady as possible with minimal force applied to the clay, and the wheel should be turning fairly slow. The clay will center much faster than if pressured.

3.Hydroplaning is a good thing when throwing clay.

4. When trying to take the piece off the wheel, dry clay is good or a lot of water on the wheel is good. Middle-of-the-road tacky is bad.

5. Sometimes it’s just best to start over.

6. The clay from the piece that flops actually gets reclaimed and used later.

7. Throwing clay works a lot of muscles.

8. Pottery throwing is good, clean fun despite its messiness.

9. An art class is a nice place to meet interesting people.

10. It’s easier to clean up if you wash your hands first.

wheel throwing

(11. This is NOT a picture of me nor my work from my first class….)

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