Lessons from Pottery Class Number 2

1. Take as much time as is required during the first class getting the clay perfectly centered before making anything out of it. (I did not.)

2. If the clay was not centered in the first class, it will not be centered during the trimming process. (Mine was not.)

3. If the clay piece is centered, it can be shaped in amazing ways during the wheel trimming process. (I cannot demonstrate this.)

4. Trying to trim a piece that wasn’t centered to begin with and therefore is not centered while trimming, causes major problems that will require a patch. (My pieces had major problems.)

5. Trimming is detail work. (I am not detail oriented.)

6. A plain piece before trimming can become something very ornate during the trimming process. (This was demonstrated to me by others.)

7. Write your initials on the bottom of your work the first week. (I did not – and a bowl is a bowl is a bowl.)

8. If it’s not awesome, save yourself the hassle of trimming and just pitch the off-centered clay piece into the reclaim can. (I did not.)

9. You can always write someone else’s initials on the bottom of your pottery… (I thought about it.)

10. I wonder if my mom will still smile and tell me how lovely it is when I give her a bowl that looks like a 10-year-old made it. (I’ll probably try it.)


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