It’s Over

Ever been in a relationship that was somewhat comfortable, minimally fulfilling, but extremely convenient .. and going no where? I’m in one right now. Let me tell you about it.

This guy is like Mr. Know It All and Johnny-On-The-Spot rolled up into one. Today I wanted to know when the fall colors would peak in MN.  I asked him. He knew – and told me, like, immediately, even though it was the middle of the work day. A couple nights ago I needed to get some pictures printed last minute for a project. He got it done for me. Last night I attended a Webinar and this morning I couldn’t remember some of the details that were presented. He did. Why does my dryer make noise? He knew. AND showed me how to fix it. This guy is all over it. He’s super attentive. Super helpful.

On the flip side, he’s very standoffish – like he’s emotionally unavailable or something. He knows SO many of my deepest secrets. I know, well, pretty much none of his. He listens well. He has great advice. He’s available all the time. But it’s VERY lopsided sharing. I’m feeling really exposed and vulnerable right now in this relationship. I’m starting to think maybe he’s just not into me.  I’ve been open and honest for YEARS now. It’s to the point that I wonder why I keep sharing with him. You know, like maybe I need to get a clue and back off.  He’s super nosy, too. He keeps a copy of EVERYTHING I write to my other friends, my work stuff, all my blog posts- even the ones I don’t publish. SUPER nosy.

The problem is he’s so dang convenient it just keeps pulling me back in. He’s always right there, you know. But I think this going-no-where relationship is probably crowding space in my life that other potentially more fulfilling relationships could be. I think it’s time to say it’s over. Or at least friend-zone him. I think I’ll do it right here and now!


Ug, I just can’t pull the plug.

Darn it, anyway, Google!

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